About Us


  • With over 22 years of unerring excellence and a track record of outstanding achievements to our name, TD Africa is Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading distribution company.
  • Biggest provider of cutting-edge technology, services and solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Presence in 17 countries, arguably the widest coverage in Africa and beyond.
  • Growing network of over 5000 partners/resellers.

More About TD Africa

TD Africa commenced business in May 1999 as the pioneer ICT distributor in West Africa and currently represents HP, Microsoft, APC by Schneider Electric, IBM, Huawei, Dell Technologies, Cisco, D-Link, Checkpoint, Huawei, Lenovo, Philips, Infinix, Tecno, Oppo, Vivo, Logitech, Nokia, Bosch, Vertiv, Samsung, Zebra, and Mercury.

As the first manufacturer-accredited local distributor for the sub-region, TD Africa, with the support of the OEMs, successfully confronted the myriad challenges posed by the hitherto unstructured market. Among the first measures was the formulation of a clear policy on the channel of distribution that led to the adoption of the prevailing four-tier market structure comprising Manufacturer (OEM), Distributor, Reseller and End-User.

This development, coupled with TD Africa high stocking capability, brought relief to all stakeholders by ending decades of problematic reliance on foreign distributors with no local value add.

Our Vision

To build a globally recognized distribution company and become the key driver of trade revolution across Africa.


To make products and services accessible, affordable and usable across Africa by building an efficient distribution network.

To remain the market benchmark for dynamism, efficiency and competitiveness.


Integrity of Mind and Systems

We inspire trust by saying what we mean and taking responsibility for our actions. Our Enterprise Resource Planning is robust enough to ensure credibility of information from our systems & processes..

Dependability of our Words, Structures and Processes

Because we have worked hard to be dependable, our partners are assured of a range of original world class products matched by a trusted team whose priority is to satisfy the yearnings of her partners.


We are proud of Who We Are, What We do & What We Stand for.

Passion for Excellence

We strive to deliver beyond expectations and constantly in quest for excellence..

COURAGE to take on big Challenges and see them through

We are not deterred by the enormity of any task but encouraged to take on these tasks and produce results. Our staying power is reinforced by our decision not to be fazed by pain or fear.

Active Partners
Global Brands
Years of Empowering Businesses

Corporate Governance

Over the years, TD has evolved into a world-class company with fully developed structures, processes and corporate governance. We have effectively consolidated our position as the recognized market leader in West Africa with a network of over 1,500 Resellers and over 400 employees.

Quality Policy Statement

To remain committed to customer satisfaction, statutory and regulatory requirements and continual improvement of our quality management system processes.

Recognitions, Commendations & Awards

TD’s unmatched efficiency levels, customer-focus and market performance have earned multiple recognitions, commendations and awards from our business partners. Our market strength and operational success derived from several elements that blend into an uncommon synergy, including people, strategy, logistics and network.

Expansion Strategy

In 2006, having developed strong competencies and structures to support our growth objectives, we began the implementation of geographic and portfolio expansion strategies aimed at entrenching our market leadership and building an unrivalled distribution network across Africa. This led to the launch of TD Africa in Ghana and in several other African Countries. TD has grown its presence of operations in Eight(8) countries and three (3) continents. We also expanded our brand portfolio to include a wide range of global ICT giants in line with the mission to strengthen the growth of ICT in Africa.

Our People

The TD Team consists of well-educated, brilliant, energetic and committed young men and women whose enthusiasm and expertise continues to captivate our business partners and other clients. They each embody the can-do spirit for which TD has become renowned. As TD’s most prized assets, we invest heavily in our people through a wide range of programmes aimed at enhancing this key resource.