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‘This is Me’ – the umbrella theme for our CSR efforts speaks to our aspiration to kickstart a movement to identify with the ‘Vulnerable and the Voiceless’ in society, eliminating the conspiracy of silence against the needy across different segments.

Beyond CSR activities, ingrained in our culture are policies and procedures aimed at driving inclusion and diversity; challenging the status quo.
In line with our tagline ‘Empowering You’, we are constantly creating platforms to empower the vulnerable and give voice to the voiceless.

Global trends have shown that more women are actively leading and starting up businesses.

Within the IT ecosystem – an ever-growing industry, we have also experienced increased female participation.
However, there are immense untapped opportunities.

With the right investment and collaborations, we can see a rise in the quantity and quality of female entrepreneurs.

In partnership with global brands, we are providing a platform to enable female entrepreneurs through various initiatives (training, credit facilities, mentoring etc.) to own their space.

The future, as they say, is female. For us at TD Africa, we firmly believe that empowering the girl child and ensuring they get access to equal opportunities will go a long way in building a better society for all. To mark the annual Girls in ICT day, young school girls are hosted and inspired to embrace the STEM disciplines and pursue a career in technology