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Dell Technologies Hosts ‘AI Anywhere on Data Everywhere’ Innovate with Data Summit in Nigeria

Dell Technologies


Dell Technologies –AI anywhere on data everywhere” Innovate with Data Summit in Nigeria


Lagos, Nigeria – June 6, 2024 – Dell Technologies hosted a dynamic event, “Innovate with Data,” on June 6th at Eko Hotels, Lagos, bringing together partners, end-users, and industry thought leaders. The event, co-sponsored by leading tech distributor TD Africa alongside other industry giants, explored how businesses can leverage data to drive innovation and achieve success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Dell Technologies


Harnessing the Power of Data in the AI Era


Olive Emordi, the Master of Ceremonies, set the stage for a day focused on empowering businesses to unlock the true potential of their data. Keynote speaker Abdelmouhssin Sarsri, General Manager of Dell Technologies, Central West Africa, emphasized the critical role data plays in today’s AI-driven world.


“Data is the fuel that powers innovation,” stated Sarsri. “However, organizations need the right solutions and approach to manage their data gravity effectively. Dell Technologies empowers customers to accelerate innovation by offering a robust portfolio of AI-ready solutions.” He added.


Sarsri highlighted Dell’s commitment to helping businesses unlock the power of Generative AI, a revolutionary approach that leverages data, insights, and infrastructure to drive next-generation transformation.


Simplifying the Multi-Cloud Journey


Mohamed ElZomor, Senior Director – Storage Sales, Dell Technologies CEEMETA, addressed the growing trend of multi-cloud adoption. He emphasized the importance of a strategic multi-cloud approach designed by Dell Technologies to ensure a seamless and accelerated digital transformation journey.


“By adopting a multi-cloud strategy with Dell Technologies, businesses can achieve consistent operations, enhanced data and application mobility, and optimized costs,” explained ElZomor. “This frees them to focus on creating value and seizing opportunities in emerging technologies like Generative AI.”, he mentioned.


TD Africa


Bringing AI to Your Data: Unlocking End-to-End Innovation


Hani Khalaf, Chief Technology Officer, Data & AI Solutions of Dell Technologies, CEEMETA, delved deeper into the transformative power of AI. He stressed the urgency for businesses to embrace Generative AI and outlined the key elements for success:


  • AI Fuel: Massive amounts of data to train and power AI models.
  • AI Engine: Supercharged computing infrastructure to handle complex AI workloads.
  • AI Drivers: Highly skilled data scientists, algorithms, models, and expertise to guide the AI development process.


Khalaf emphasized the vast potential of Generative AI to unlock valuable insights from existing data, enabling businesses to maximize their investments and achieve significant results.


A Panel Discussion with Industry Leaders


A captivating panel discussion featuring Hani Khalaf and select Nigerian tech leaders explored strategies for accelerating digital transformation in the AI era. This interactive forum provided valuable insights for attendees to navigate the evolving technological landscape.


Empowering Workplaces for Innovation Anywhere


Following a refreshing break, guests were treated to an insightful presentation by Haidi Nossair, Senior Director – Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies. “Transform Work and Innovation Everywhere” showcased Dell’s suite of intelligent, AI-driven devices and solutions designed for a modern, mobile workforce.


Nossair highlighted the Dell Optimizer, a built-in AI-based tool that optimizes audio and performance for a seamless user experience. Additionally, she showcased the innovative Dell CoPilot + AI PC, the world’s fastest Neural Processing Unit (NPU) computer, boasting a sleek design and impressive battery life.


Nossair also presented a range of Dell displays and devices, including the Dell Headset Portfolio with intelligent audio, the Dell Ultrasharp Webcam and Dell Pro Webcam with intelligent features, and the Dell Ultrasharp 32 4K Video Conferencing Monitor. Notably, Nossair emphasized the comprehensive security features built into Dell PCs, incorporating software, hardware, firmware, and supply chain security measures.


Building a Modern Data Infrastructure for Innovation


As the digital landscape continues to evolve, data remains the cornerstone for technological advancements. Martin Halamek, Advisory Systems Engineer – Storage Platforms & Solutions Dell Technologies EMEA Global Tech, and Tosin Amusa, Sales Manager – Storage Platforms & Solutions Dell Technologies Central West Africa, led a session on how Dell Technologies empowers organizations to design a modern data infrastructure that is smart, flexible, and resilient.


“The data center must be intelligent to accelerate innovation with efficient systems,” stated Halamek. “It also needs to be flexible to support any workload across various environments – edge, data center, and public cloud. Additionally, a modern data center requires comprehensive data protection to ensure business continuity.”, she further stated.


Halamek highlighted the PowerMax and PowerStore storage solutions as key components for building a modern data center with intelligence, flexibility, and resilience. He further emphasized the benefits of adopting the Dell Data Center, citing access to market-leading innovation, customized solutions, flexible consumption models, and a commitment.


Enhancing Cybersecurity Maturity with Dell Technologies


The ever-changing threat landscape demands a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Ashraf Helmy, Senior Sales Manager – Data Protection, Dell Technologies Emerging Africa, and Adekunle Windapo, Senior Systems Engineer, Dell Technologies Central West Africa, addressed this critical issue in their presentation, “Advance Cybersecurity Maturity with Dell Trusted Infrastructure Solutions.”


“Today’s businesses face a complex cybersecurity landscape with evolving threats and reactive approaches leaving them vulnerable,” explained Helmy. “Dell Technologies understands these challenges and offers comprehensive solutions, services expertise, and strong partnerships to help businesses advance their cybersecurity posture and achieve zero-trust maturity.”, said Helmy.


Windapo elaborated on the core pillars of Dell’s security solutions:


  • World-Class Professional Services: Providing expert guidance and support to optimize security measures.
  • Partner Ecosystem: Building a robust network of security partners for comprehensive protection.
  • Secure Supply Chain: Ensuring the integrity of hardware and software throughout the development process.
  • Flexible Consumption Models: Catering to diverse business needs and budgets.


By leveraging Dell’s trusted infrastructure solutions, organizations can proactively address cybersecurity threats, safeguard their data, and ensure business continuity.



TD africa
Accelerating Digital Transformation with Dell Technologies Services


The final session, led by Bamidele Daniel, Senior Manager Services Presales & EMEA Field CTO of Services Dell Technologies, and Natalie Khalil, Services Account Executive Dell Technologies Nigeria, focused on how Dell Technologies Services empowers businesses to execute their digital transformation strategies.


Aligning IT priorities with our consulting services can significantly accelerate your digital transformation journey,” stated Daniel. Dell Technologies Services offers a comprehensive suite of offerings designed to help businesses:


  • Develop a clear digital transformation strategy.
  • Implement innovative technologies that drive business growth.
  • Optimize IT operations for efficiency and cost savings.
  • Embrace a culture of continuous learning and innovation.


Dell Technologies Services acts as a trusted partner, guiding businesses through every step of their digital transformation journey.


Conclusion: A Day of Learning and Connection


The “Innovate with Data” summit concluded with a fun raffle draw, awarding three lucky guests brand-new Dell PCs. The event provided a valuable platform for businesses to learn about the latest data-driven solutions, network with industry leaders, and gain insights to navigate the ever-changing technological landscape. Dell Technologies demonstrated its commitment to empowering businesses to harness the power of data and achieve success in the digital age.