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Mercury Maverick 1550VA UPS

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Specification: Model: – Capacity: 1550VA/930W Input : – Voltage 220-230VAC – Voltage Range 140-300 VAC – Frequency: 50 / 60Hz – Current:7.2A Max Output: – Voltage Regulation (Bat.Mode): +/-10% – Frequency :50 / 60Hz – Waveform: Simulated Sine wave Battery: – Battery Type: 12V / 8.2AH x2 – Charging ability: 6 hours recover to 90% capacity Transfer Time: – Typical:2-6ms Protection: Short circuit, Overload, Battery discharge and overcharge, Surge Protection Indications: – Line Mode: Greenlighting – Battery Mode : Yellow flashing – Fault: Red Lighting Audible Alarm: – Battery Mode: Sounding every 10 sec – Battery low: Sounding every 1 sec – Overload: Sounding every 0.5 sec – Fault: Continuous sounding Environment: – Humidity 0-90% relative Humidity 0-40°C (Non-condensing) – Noise Level : Less than 40dB – Dimension: 313 x129 x175
LINE INTERACTIVE Line Interactive UPS topology includes technology that enables the UPS to interact with incoming AC voltage and correct minor voltage fluctuations without switching to battery. This extends the life of the battery and is essential in areas where frequent power fluctuations are common. The MercuryUPS 1550VA Maverick Line Interactive UPS ideal for Personal Computers and Electrical Equipment. Protects from damage, downtime, and data loss. MERCURY UPS 1550VA MAVERICK Features: Power-on self-test Sinewave Sinewave Humanized Alarm System Off mode charging function Optional no-load shutdown Built-in self-diagnostic function Intelligent battery management Excellent microprocessor control Auto restart while AC is recovering Comprehensive and reliable protection Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization Built-in super-fast charger shorten charging time