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Partner Advantage Scheme

Flexible Payment Options. Expedited Ordering Process. Exceptional Support.

Partner Advantage Scheme (PAS) is a program exclusive to partners who do not only share in TD’s vision to drive technology revolution across Africa but are also loyal to the TD brand and have good payment behaviour. Partners are given realistic quarterly targets based on their performance history and also their perceived abilities after extensive consultations with every partner.

Partners qualify for remuneration in the form of rebates by achieving a minimum of 100% of the set target. The performance rebates earned are earned monthly while rebate payout will be made at the end of the calendar year.

Some of the Benefits of Partner Advantage Scheme include:

Training & Re-Training of Partners

We recognize human capital as the most prized asset and invest heavily in the training and re-training of our PAS partners.

Access to a wide range of products at huge quantities

Our partners leverage on our wide range of products and high stocking capabilities to service both their run-rate transactions and big deals. As our product profile expands to include Smartphones, Technology as a Service and other smart devices and solutions, our PAS partners benefit automatically as we make the latest technologies available to them.

Expedited Ordering process

This is enabled by the proximity of our logistics hub to the OEMs and our capacity to exercise full control over timing and prioritization of freights and strong relationship with renowned global forwarders. Through a growing international network and strategically sited local branch network, complemented by a large fleet of long haul trucks for point to point deliveries anywhere, anytime.

Competitive Pricing

Our highly competitive prices are made possible by volume discounts from manufacturers, huge cost savings derived from economies of scale and low margin policy.

Flexible Payments

Our payment options include online, telegraphic transfer, cheque, cash, hypothecation, bank guarantee and many other creative options designed to fit the peculiarities of the partner.

Credit Facilities

TD as part of its mandate to grow the region, offers credit facilities to large selection of partners who meet certain criteria.

Preferential Product Allocation

Our PAS partners get preferential Product Allocation in times of product scarcity and/or heavy demand.

Exceptional Support

We offer genuine products from authorised channel. All products enjoy manufacturers warranty in addition to TD’s exceptional support available to PAS partners.

Exclusive Promotions

PAS partners are eligible for exciting promotions that will empower their businesses. The Truck promo which was reintroduced in 2019 will now be exclusive to only PAS partners. Partners who meet set targets will qualify for a raffle draw at TD Africa’s Annual Awards Night – Celebrating You.