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TD Africa’s ‘Just Own It’ Offering Starlink Kits with Easy Installment Payments

Installment Payment


Installment Payment: TD Africa’s ‘Just Own It’ Financing Platform, Offering Starlink Kits with Easy Installment Payments.


TD Africa has always been more than a supplier of tech products. Our commitment extends to comprehensive solutions that include training programs, personalized consultations, and empowerment initiatives. Recognizing the strain that budget constraints can place on businesses and individuals, we established TD Device Financing. This initiative is designed to alleviate such financial burdens and enhance Return on Investment (ROI).

Just Own It (JOI)

A multi-asset financing platform that connects customers to authentic products obtainable with flexible Installment payment options. Our mission is to ensure the accessibility, affordability, and usability of technologies across Africa. With JOI, we have created a digital product warehouse integrated with lending gateways, drawing on years of experience in product ecosystems and strong relationships spanning from manufacturers to technology experts and financial institutions.

This innovative solution ensures a stable supply of assets with minimal hassle, streamlining the acquisition process.

JOI: A Game-Changer in Asset Financing

JOI also enables institutions and their staff to purchase a wide variety of products and Installment Payment. JOI is now an authorized reseller of Starlink Kits, which can be purchased outright or paid for over time.

JOI offers a BNPL solution tailored to corporate entities, giving their staff the platform to acquire desired assets and pay over 6 months. The platform is designed to ensure customers can leverage multiple financing options from different financial partners. Eligibility for these assets is determined by the HR/Admin of the entities, ensuring that staff can access products based on their eligibility spend profile.


How JOI & JOI  Prime Works

  1. Registration: Customers must register on the JOI platform using their personal or official email addresses as users.
  2. Eligibility Profiling
    1. As an Individual: To enjoy as an individual, you can select one of the partner lenders on the platform as your payment option, e.g. Klump. Transactions are processed by KYC and confirmation of your eligibility for the asset.
    2. As a Corporate: To enjoy the JOI corporate option, staff must be profiled for eligibility spend by their HR. Staff are expected to use the JOI prime payment option. Transactions are concluded either through the tokenization of staff ATM cards or a pre-arranged deduction through their entity. 


In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, TD Africa continues to lead with innovative solutions like JOI, making technology more accessible and affordable. Take advantage of our seamless financing options to elevate your business. Visit the JOI platform today at to purchase Starlink Kits, and enjoy the flexibility of paying in installments. 

For more information call 09029993178