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Unveiling the Future of Cooling: Samsung Commercial Air Conditioner Partner Event

Commercial Air Conditioner


Commercial Air Conditioner: In an innovative partnership, Samsung, a global leader in electronics, partnered with TD Africa for an exclusive Commercial Air Conditioner (CAC) Partner Event.

The stage was set on Thursday, April 25th, 2024, at the TD Africa office in Lagos, Nigeria.


The event was held on the 6th Floor, Yudala Heights, over 30 esteemed partners eagerly awaited the grand reveal of Samsung’s cutting-edge CAC products.

Kicking off the event with flair, the Compere, Damian Anurukem, extended a warm welcome to all, recognizing the collaborative efforts of both TD Africa and Samsung.

Commercial Air Conditioner

Leading the charge, Assistant General Manager of TD Africa, Abiodun Idowu, set the tone with a riveting welcome speech, acknowledging the presence of distinguished guests, and promising an enriching experience ahead.

Next up to make his presentation is Kingsley Azuma, the visionary behind Samsung’s CAC Business Strategies & Latest Innovations. Azuma delved deep into the heart of Samsung’s Digital Variable Multi-system (DVMS) products, spotlighting the revolutionary Samsung DVM S2.


Azuma’s presentation was a masterclass in innovation, highlighting the unparalleled features of the Samsung DVM S2. He said “DVM is the leading technology brand in the VRF industry. We have invented innovative features and developed them as our identity.

Competitors are following our legacy technology to improve their models”.


From unrivalled energy efficiency to cutting-edge Active AI Technologies, the DVM S2 promises to redefine cooling standards. With its lightning-fast air delivery and whisper-quiet operation,

it’s no wonder the DVM S2 stands as a beacon of excellence in the industry.

“The Samsung DVM S2 is one of the products we don’t play with because of the high demand”, he further emphasized.


Representing TD Africa, Sukanmi Olaniyan, Head of Samsung Consumer Electronics, reaffirmed TD Africa’s unwavering dedication to accessibility and innovation.

Commercial Air Conditioner

With over 25 years of distribution expertise, TD Africa stands as a pillar of support for businesses across West Africa.

“TD Africa has been around for a while,

we have been in the business of distribution for over 25 years”, he stated. Olaniyan reinforced TD Africa’s mission to empower partners with transformative digital solutions, including Samsung’s groundbreaking CAC lineup.


As a token of appreciation, early attendees were honoured with exclusive gifts, setting the tone for a day filled with surprises. A thrilling raffle draw ensued, with lucky winners walking away with coveted Samsung Watch 3s, adding an extra dash of excitement to the event.

Commercial Air Conditioner

Closing the event on a high note, Ifeoma Chigbo-Ndukwe, HR and Admin of TD Africa extended heartfelt gratitude to all attendees, urging them to seize the opportunities presented by TD Africa and Samsung.

As guests mingled with the TD Africa and Samsung teams, capturing memories, and enjoying a delightful lunch, the promise of a brighter, cooler future hung in the air.


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Stay tuned for more updates as Samsung and TD Africa continue to revolutionize the cooling landscape.