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“Huawei, TD Africa Collaborate on Wi-Fi 7 Virtual Event”

Huawei Wi-fi 7


Lagos, Nigeria – [30th April 2024] –Huawei Technologies in collaboration with Sub-Saharan Africa’s premier tech distributor TD Africa, hosted a successful virtual event exploring the transformative potential of Huawei Wi-Fi 7.

Over 30 Partners Join Discussion on Next-Gen Connectivity

Held on April 30, 2024, the event brought together over 30 key partners to delve into the advancements of Wi-Fi 7 technology and its impact on future connectivity. Nnadozie Ihe, Huawei Product Marketing Manager at TD Africa, led the discussion, highlighting the potential for Wi-Fi 7 to revolutionize businesses across the region.

TD Africa Emphasizes Commitment to Partner Enablement

Joshua Okoro, Huawei Business Head at TD Africa, presented the company’s value proposition, emphasizing TD Africa’s position as the most certified ICT distributor in West Africa. He elaborated on their extensive network of over 5,000 partners and a diverse product portfolio encompassing more than 27 OEMs. Okoro stressed TD Africa’s mission of making technology accessible and readily available to all businesses.

Huawei Wi-Fi 7: Ushering in a New Era of Seamless Connectivity

Jefferson Mormah, Huawei Presales Analyst, delivered a keynote presentation on Huawei Wi-Fi 7, outlining the path towards seamless connectivity with this next-generation technology.

Mormah provided a historical context for Huawei’s advancements in IP Network Solutions and highlighted the growing need for Wi-Fi 7 due to the ever-increasing number of connected devices. He emphasized that Wi-Fi 7 addresses the bandwidth limitations of Wi-Fi 5 and 6, particularly in scenarios requiring high-performance connectivity, such as Hybrid business environments, Information Security Offices, Research and Development facilities, and HD conference rooms.

Groundbreaking Features of Huawei Wi-Fi 7

The presentation delved into the innovative features of Wi-Fi 7:

  • VIP Assurance: Prioritizes network access for high-priority users with critical bandwidth needs, ensuring consistent connectivity.
  • Green Office: Optimizes energy consumption of connected devices through AI-powered user experience detection.
  • Embedded Chip: Enhances network optimization and facilitates collaborations with leading chip providers like MediaTek, Qualcomm, and Broadcom.
  • Joint Scheduling: Optimizes network performance through coordinated transmission schedules across multiple access points.
  • MU-MIMO: Increases data transmission efficiency by enabling simultaneous communication with multiple devices.
  • OFDMA: Improves network efficiency and performance by utilizing advanced modulation techniques.
  • MRU: Allows for larger data packets, facilitating efficient data transmission and increased throughput.
  • Wi-Fi Shield Technology: Provides enhanced security with zero data leakage at the device level.

Mormah further illustrated the advancements of Wi-Fi 7 by comparing it to Wi-Fi 6. Unlike its predecessor, Wi-Fi 7 boasts three frequency bands, including a 6GHz spectrum, leading to superior network optimization, increased bandwidth management, reduced latency, and tripled user data rates.

Exclusive Partner Offer and Comprehensive Incentive Program

The event concluded with an exclusive promotional offer for partners to purchase the Wi-Fi 7 network solution until June 30, 2024. Additionally, Ayodeji Tikare, Channel Manager of Huawei, presented a comprehensive partner incentive program designed to empower partners with marketing development funds and sales incentives, maximizing their potential within the Huawei ecosystem.

Nnadozie Ihe, closing the event on behalf of TD Africa and the Huawei team, expressed his sincere gratitude to all partners for their participation and unwavering support.