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TD Africa’s EdTech Summit Unveils a New Era


In a groudbreaking virtual event held on March 28th, 2024, TD Africa’s EdTech Initiative gathered over 100 schools, marking a significant milestone in the realm of educational technology. Hosted by Foluso Olulade, Head of Marketing for TD Africa, the summit heralded a new era of intelligent, sustainable technology solutions poised to reshape the future of education.


At the onset of the event, Olulade unveiled an exclusive opportunity for the first three schools to adopt the EdTech initiative, offering a 25% discount as part of TD Africa’s 25th-anniversary celebration. This initiative underscores TD Africa’s commitment to empowering schools through innovative technology solutions.


The summit showcased insightful presentations from industry experts, including Theodore Chukwudi, a Cisco Solutions Architect, who expounded on the transformative potential of Cisco Meraki in reimagining classroom environments. Chukwudi emphasized the importance of leveraging technology to create safe, equitable learning spaces, emphasizing seamless connectivity and advanced security features.



Ekene Meniru, Business Group Head for Connectivity, highlighted the role of connectivity in empowering 21st-century students and teachers through Starlink’s innovative internet solutions. He emphasized Starlink’s ability to foster collaboration and transcend geographical boundaries to facilitate global learning experiences.


Brenda Rafuah, Microsoft Business Manager at TD Africa, introduced Microsoft 365 for Education, highlighting its capacity to enhance productivity, collaboration, and security within educational institutions. She urged schools to embrace Microsoft Education licenses and revolutionize their learning ecosystems.


Jaye Richards-Hill, Director of Microsoft Industry for the EMEA region, explored the transformative impact of AI-powered learning accelerators and the Education Transformation Framework, empowering educators to personalize learning experiences and prepare students for future success.


Dr. Lanre Philips, Channel Manager for Classera Africa, underscored Classera’s vision to empower educators, students, and administrators with innovative tools and solutions to enhance teaching and learning outcomes nationwide.


Cheryl Omini, Business Development Consultant for HP Classeasy, showcased cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance student engagement and streamline school operations


emphasizing HP Classeasy’s unique features such as Smart Mate for personalized learning experiences.

Murphy Okpoko, Asset Financing Lead at TD Africa, highlighted the benefits of device financing for educational institutions, offering flexible payment options and access to the latest technology to optimize costs and enhance learning experiences.


In her closing remarks, Chioma Chimere, Coordinating Managing Director of TD Africa, expressed gratitude to all participants for their commitment to revolutionizing education through technology. She stressed the importance of digital literacy in shaping the future of learning and encouraged educators to embrace innovative teaching methods.




As the summit concluded, attendees departed inspired and empowered to embrace the digital transformation of education, ensuring that students have access to quality learning experiences in an increasingly digital world.