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TD Africa’s FY25 Retreat: Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation and Excellence

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Yudala Heights, Lagos, April 13, 2024 – TD Africa, a leading tech giant in Sub-Saharan Africa, marked a significant milestone with its FY25 retreat held at its headquarters. The event, themed “Charting the Course for FY25: The Year of Our People,” brought together staff members in a vibrant celebration of the company’s achievements and vision for the future.

Adorned in stylish burgundy Ankara outfits, staff members gathered in the CE’s auditorium on the 5th floor of the Yudala Heights building. Hosted by Damian Anurukem and Victoria Akomas, the retreat kicked off with an opening prayer by Murphy Okpoko, Head of TD Kapital (Asset Financing), setting the tone for a day of reflection, celebration, and strategic planning.

Chioma Chimere, the Coordinating Managing Director, delivered a heartfelt welcome address, acknowledging the challenges and triumphs of the past fiscal year. “It is with immense pleasure that I welcome us all to FY25, the year of our People. It’s a new year in our corporate existence. Today we chart the course for FY25”, she said. Despite economic uncertainties,

TD Africa emerged stronger, poised to conquer new frontiers in FY25. “We are a people of courage; we take on big challenges and see them through. We have embraced FY25, and we have a resolve to conquer it”, she added. 

The Business Assistant to the CEO, Emmanuel Okoliko, provided insights into the company’s FY24 performance, setting ambitious targets for the year ahead.


Staff members engaged in spirited competitions and case studies, vying for the coveted grand prize of 1 million naira. The CEO, Chioma Ekeh in a nod to the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), inaugurated a 20-man committee to spearhead AI integration across the organization.


Dr. Leo Stan Ekeh, the Group Chairman, commended the dedication of the staff and outlined a bold vision for the future. He emphasised the importance of resilience and innovation in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities. “The last financial was a storm, people lost, and others benefited from it”. “We have the infrastructure, we have the right product, we have the money to do the business, we have the human capital, and nothing is holding us from making the best of this financial year”, he added. The Chairman presented long service awards to some members of staff and appreciated them for years well spent in the company.


Ifeoma Chigbo-Ndukwe, Head of HR/Admin at TD Africa, emphasized the pivotal role of the workforce in driving success. Recognizing the “Super Simbas” – staff members who demonstrated outstanding performance – the CEO lauded their contributions and commitment.


Embracing the future, the CEO expressed gratitude for the staff’s unwavering dedication, “In our people, we have dependability, we have passionate people, we have incredible people and resilient people”, she commented. She outlined TD Africa’s evolution from a small entity to an industry leader, “We didn’t know that TD Africa would be that company that competitors would tremble at the call of our name. We didn’t know that TD Africa would be that company the ecosystem will begin to respect and adore”. She emphasized the company’s commitment to embracing AI and empowering its workforce for success. 

While charting a course for Success, as the retreat concluded, the CEO hoped for the best in the new financial year, “I am convinced that this year will be a great one because our people are at the core of what we do”, she added. 


Staff were reminded to stay focused on the company’s goals. The announcement of competition winners – the “Amazing” group clinching the top prize – capped off the event on a high note.


With a legacy of Excellence and the FY25 retreat ending, staff members enjoyed a celebratory dinner, reflecting on the journey of the past 25 years and looking ahead to a future filled with promise and opportunity.