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High-Quality SME Office Network | TD Africa





Huawei Technologies, a leading global provider of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices partnered with TD Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa’s foremost distributor of tech products to showcase the Huawei SME Network Solutions.


The Huawei event was held on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024, at the Yudala Height building, Victoria Island, Lagos to promote and position the Huawei SME product and the Ideahub series to her partners for sales activation.


The event started at 10 a.m. with over 40 registered partners already seated at the venue. The Compere, Damian Anurukem welcomed the guests and assured them of a worthwhile event. The guests were treated to a light breakfast after which they reconvened for the event proper.


To give the value proposition on behalf of TD Africa, the Assistant General Manager, Abiodun Idowu took center stage to give his presentation. He mentioned that TD Africa has stood tall over the years as the most certified ICT distributor in the whole of West Africa. He emphasized that the mission of TD Africa is to make products and services accessible and available to all business owners. He thanked all the guests for coming and assured them of a rewarding event.


To make the presentation on Huawei Intelligent IP Solutions for SMEs Atabor Hamza, the Network Solutions Sales Engineer for Huawei. He highlighted the Huawei enterprise business updates. He said Huawei according to the Gartner MQ report 2022, ranked number 1 in the global enterprise WI-Fi 6 shipment (excluding North America), number one in the global campus switch 10GE/25GE port shipments, and number one in the global SD-WAN market share growth rate.




He also mentioned that Huawei provides end-to-end data communication portfolios. Under the Campus Network solutions are the: Campus switches and Aps, and Campus Egress Router. Under the Wide Area Networks are: Metro Routers. Under the Data Network Solutions are: Data Centre Switches. Under the Cyber Network Solutions are: NG firewalls and IPS/IDS.


The four Engines responsible for powering data communication with an all-in-one management, control, and analysis platform are AirEngine (WLAN, AP, AC), CloudEngine (Switches), NetEngine (Routers), and HiSecEngine (Network Security). He dissected the Wi-Fi Technology Evolution which is Wi-Fi 5(802.11), Wi-Fi 6/6E (802.11ax), and Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be).


To make the presentation on the Huawei Ideahub Olayemi Joseph, Head, of Huawei Senior Solutions Architect IT Solutions Sales and Marketing Department took the stage to make his presentations. He spoke about the Huawei Ideahub series and how they can bring a smart working style to everyone.


The Ideahub series are the Huawei Ideahub B2 and the Huawei Ideahub S2. “There is a shift from traditional office to collaborative office”, he said. He mentioned the key benefits of the Ideahub series. It’s an all-in-one solution for office efficiency, it accelerates cloud conferencing to power a hybrid working experience, it enforces intelligent human-computer interaction and multi-device collaboration.


The Huawei Ideahub B2 is tailored for lightweight offices with features such as FHD conferencing, Intelligent whiteboard, and Projection, 4k soft light screen, 10-meter ultra-long-distance sound pickup, Enterprise level security CCRC certification, 1080p professional camera, 25ms ultra-low writing latency, Extensive apps and Dual Wi-Fi.




The Huawei Ideahub S2 is designed for efficient offices. It has features like HD cloud conferencing, 12-meter ultra-long-distance sound pickup, 2.5x higher performance, Multi-window, App multiplier, 16ms ultra-low writing latency, and Wi-Fi 6 for direct projection.

“Huawei leverages its extensive technical expertise in audio and video technologies, software and hardware systems, full-stack AI capabilities, and native cloud services to provide the all-in-one collaboration device. Working with various types of endpoints, the IdeaHub Gen-2 integrates with a rich office cloud ecosystem, compatible with a wide range of industries and OPS ecosystem to power smart office and enable industry digitalization”, he said.


To make the presentation on Building a Data-centric, Trustworthy Storage Foundation for Diverse Applications is Christopher Okeke, the Product Solution Manager, Huawei. Huawei Data Storage is the top two in the worldwide market. Huawei entry-level storage for the commercial market is simple, green, and reliable.


Under the All-flash storage Model, we have the OceanStor Dorado 2000|3000. It has end-to-end reliability assurance, 7 x 24 service online, it has a simple configuration, and O&M improving efficiency by 20%, it has 30% lower power consumption based on optimized all-flash architecture, under the Hybrid storage Model we have the OceanStor 2200|2600.


It has an intelligent configuration assistant that helps fast deployment in 3 steps and system rollout in minutes. It has a smart acceleration that improves performance by 100%, and under the Backup storage model, we have the OceanProtect has 3-step resource allocation and smart O&M, has up to 72:1 data reduction ratio and has industry 1st entry-level backup storage with an active-active architecture.


Questions from the guests were answered and to wrap up the event was the vote of thanks given by Abiodun Idowu, after which guests were treated to lunch.





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