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Discovering HPE Aruba Networking Solutions with TD Africa




Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), one of the leading global providers of Information and Communications Technology products partnered with TD Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa’s foremost distributor of tech products.

The event was held on Friday, February 23rd, 2024, on the 6th Floor of the Yudala Height building, Victoria Island, Lagos to showcase the HPE Aruba networking solutions.

The event started at 5 p.m. with over 30 registered partners seated at the venue. The Compere, Damian Anurukem welcomed the guests and assured them of a worthwhile event.

To give the welcome speech and value proposition on behalf of TD Africa, the Assistant General Manager, Abiodun Idowu took center stage to give his presentation. He mentioned that TD Africa has stood tall over the years as the most certified ICT distributor in West Africa. He emphasized that the mission of TD Africa is to make products and services accessible and available to all business owners. He thanked all the guests for coming and assured them of a rewarding event.

To make the presentation on HPE Aruba Solutions and its business benefits, is the Presales Engineer, John Unamba. He welcomed all the guests and introduced his colleagues on standby online to give their input where necessary. “Everything we do starts and ends with our customers. Treating our customers like family while remaining innovative, nimble, and ahead of market shifts”. Aruba Networks was established in 2002 as a Wifi company and in 2015, HPE acquired it. Since then, HPE Aruba Network Solutions has promised innovation, automation, and secure connectivity.


HPE Aruba Networking

As time progressed, the HPE Aruba network solutions moved into cloud solutions.

Most network devices such as access points and switches became cloud native meaning they could operate seamlessly on the cloud. The HPE Aruba network can unify and simplify access across locations, users, and IoTs. It can automate and secure IT operator experiences with AIOps and it also allows Network as a service (NaaS) choice, meaning that you can choose to deploy, consume, and manage your network your way.

The HPE Aruba Network is made up of a Wi-Fi solution. The Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 6. The Wi-Fi 6 portfolio supports higher accuracy Real Time Location Services through FTM (fine time measurement) and is designed for indoor deployment, Examples are the Wi-Fi 650 series, 630 series, 610 series, 550 series, 530 series, 510/500 series and 500H series while the Wi-Fi 6E access point is built for remote offices with a built-in GPS receivers to reduce wireless setup time by eliminating the error-prone and tedious manual mapping methods along with opening up new future possibilities for indoor positioning.

HPE Aruba Solutions also has the CX Switch portfolios. CX 6200, CX 6300, CX 6000, CX 6100 and CX 10000.

To wrap up his presentation, he spoke on the HPE Aruba AI-powered insights. Aruba offers sophisticated AI-powered client identification and profiling that is built-in to Aruba Central. These enable customers to benefit from: Accurate AI/ML profiling with ~99% accuracy, no additional physical collector or VM-based agents are required for collecting telemetry.

This not only makes it a cost-effective solution but also a very simple one to deploy and start using. None of the competitor solutions, including Mist or Meraki offer this level of insight and profiling without deploying an additional solution and collectors, customers using Client Insights are immediately experiencing IT efficiency gains due to the increased visibility, availability of insights, and automated policy enforcement, our always-on AI/ML behavioral monitoring ensures that organizations are better protected against security breaches.

Aruba Client Insights automatically identifies each endpoint connecting to the network with up to 99% accuracy, which is especially important as increasing numbers of IoT devices are added to networks, sometimes without approval from IT.

There was a demo session of the HPE Aruba, and guests got the chance to demonstrate and have a feel of the network solutions, and questions from the guests were answered.

The HPE team gave the vote of thanks as the guests were treated to dinner.






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